For 2017, the Event Production Awards (EPAs) returns to its roots of recognising the key achievements of the unsung heroes of the events industry – the companies and people who put it all together and make it all work but rarely enjoy the spotlight – the suppliers!


These are the categories for next edition:

An award that recognises the importance of providing professional, trained, and quality crews whatever the event or budget. Judges will be looking for diversity in types of crew offered, ability to cater for different event types and scales, as well as key USPs that the provider offers both staff and clients.

Event safety, crowd control and queue management are key to the success of any large event. Enter this award if you have supplied to any event and made a difference. Judges will be particularly interested in new product development and improvements to systems and technology.

Security is essential at any event; can you showcase how your company has made a difference? Were crime levels down at your event? What did you introduce to support this? This category is designed for companies specialising in providing security for events, and judges will be looking at the number and diversity of events catered for, as well as measurable results and feedback.

This award is designed to honour the staging supplier who has delivered the most iconic stage setting. The stage production must be relevant to the event type, size and budget and have created genuine impact. Judges will be looking for demonstrations of innovation and overcoming challenges provided by tight briefs as well as overall impact.


This award is an opportunity for suppliers of temporary structures to show off their capabilities and demonstrate their outstanding product, innovative usage, service and support. This category covers buildings, seating and grandstand areas as well as other structures build for event infrastructure. Judges will consider the different types of events catered for, variation in structures supplied innovation and structures’ creativity.

This category recognises companies that have supplied AV in exceptional ways to improve the environment at an event, whether on stage, for safety purposes, during the build-up or to immerse the audience in the theme of the event. Evidence to support the entry includes innovation, crowd reaction, technology, creativity and fulfilment of brief.

Technology is always at the forefront of organisers’ minds as they aim to deliver outstanding attendee experiences alongside the overall environment. If you are a technology provider who has helped improve these experiences you should enter this award. Judges will be looking for innovation and technological advances alongside technology that has really made a positive difference to an event.

This award recognises suppliers who have provided an exceptional service to events, of any size, in need of temporary power. Entrants should demonstrate consistency of delivery, innovation in technique and reliability of the power provided. A commitment to environmental and alternative power will also impress.

This category is open to any supplier of temporary flooring. Entrants should demonstrate how the service or products they supplied enhanced the quality of the event while also complying with sustainability or safety regulations. Judges will be impressed by innovation and new products first launched over the period.

The Best Toilet award rewards suppliers of temporary toilets for outdoor events. Demonstrate how your service or products provided a hygienic, clean and – ideally – an environmentally friendly solution and you’ll stand a good chance of winning. Judges will be impressed by innovation and new products first launched or debuted over the period.

Welfare of eventgoers is a vital and necessary part of any event. This new award recognises outstanding service across events of any size. Entrants must demonstrate that they provided a reliable, safe and available area that provided a broad range of services, including, but not limited to, drink and drugs-related issues, sexual and non-sexual assault claims and other health-related issues.

This category is open to ticketing companies big and small. Entrants should be innovating and pushing the industry forward. Judges will be looking for specific examples where your ticketing has aided to the wider success of an event, use of and integration with new technologies.

Have you organised or supplied a swanky backstage area at an outdoor event this year? Enter this category to have your work recognised. Entrants should provide examples of creative designs and service befitting a backstage area or green room. Judge will also be looking for areas where the entrant provided a unique experience unmatched in any other area of the event. This award is open to production teams, as well as furniture, bar, catering and entertainment suppliers.

This category caters for events that truly have the wow factor and have made a lasting impression on the audience. If your event created a spectacular event that made headlines, awed the crowd and produced stunning visuals, enter for your chance to shine. This category is open for event organisers, production teams and AV suppliers who can demonstrate visual effectiveness and impact on an event.

This award is for the individual or company that created real buzz around a brand, and created deep and lasting engagement at an event that has been talked about long after the event is over. Judges will be looking for creativity, how the brief of audience targeting and engagement was met, size and adherence to budget, as well as, if available, post-event research to demonstrate the success of the activation.
Download the entry for this specific category form here.

This award recognises and rewards the team behind a successful event. Entrants need to demonstrate how the teams operate, work together and produced great events, taking into account the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. Judges will be looking for creativity, innovation and adherence to budgets.

Sustainability, recyclability, and reusability remains key to the events industry. Describe how you have made a significant difference to an event by using green innovations and techniques to win this prestigious award. Judges will be looking for innovation and measurable impact on events.

Do you believe that your company’s work stands up not only as the best in your sector, but the best across the entire event production industry’s? Enter this award, judged by Access All Areas editor Emma Hudson, to receive recognition. Entrants should demonstrate a commitment to innovative, safe, reliable and environmentally friendly services, as well as an eye for creativity and up-to-date technology. Please provide testimonials from events you’ve worked on across the entry period.